This file represents different geographical areas at varying levels of detail. It ranges from the US as a whole, down to state, city, zip code, or other jurisdictions. All other ACSSF tables tie to this table to get their location attribution.

Column Name Data Type Description
FILEID char(6) not null File Identification 6 Characters
STUSAB char(2) not null State/U.S.-Abbreviation (USPS) 2 Characters
SUMLEVEL char(3) not null Summary Level
COMPONENT char(2) not null Geographic Component
LOGRECNO char(7) not null Logical Record Number 7 Characters
US char(1) null US
REGION char(1) null Census Region
DIVISION char(1) null Census Division
STATECE char(2) null State (Census Code)
STATE char(2) null State (FIPS Code)
COUNTY char(3) null County of current residence
COUSUB char(5) null County Subdivision (FIPS)
PLACE char(5) null Place (FIPS Code)
TRACT char(6) null Census Tract
BLKGRP char(1) null Block Group
CONCIT char(5) null Consolidated City
AIANHH char(4) null American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/ Hawaiian Home Land (Census)
AIANHHFP char(5) null American Indian Area/Alaska Native Area/ Hawaiian Home Land (FIPS)
AIHHTLI char(1) null American Indian Trust Land/ Hawaiian Home Land Indicator
AITSCE char(3) null American Indian Tribal Subdivision (Census)
AITS char(5) null American Indian Tribal Subdivision (FIPS)
ANRC char(5) null Alaska Native Regional Corporation (FIPS)
CBSA char(5) null Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area
CSA char(3) null Combined Statistical Area
METDIV char(5) null Metropolitan Statistical AreaMetropolitan Division
MACC char(1) null Metropolitan Area Central City 1 89
MEMI char(1) null Metropolitan/Micropolitan Indicator Flag
NECTA char(5) null New England City and Town Area
CNECTA char(3) null New England City and Town Combined Statistical Area
NECTADIV char(5) null New England City and Town Area Division
UA char(5) null Urban Area 5 104 BLANK
CDCURR char(2) null Current Congressional District
SLDU char(3) null State Legislative District Upper
SLDL char(3) null State Legislative District Lower
BLANK_00 char(6) null BLANK
BLANK_01 char(3) null BLANK
ZCTA5 char(5) null 5-digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area
SUBMCD char(5) null Subminor Civil Division (FIPS)
SDELM char(5) null State-School District (Elementary)
SDSEC char(5) null State-School District (Secondary)
SDUNI char(5) null State-School District (Unified)
UR char(1) null Urban/Rural
PCI char(1) null Principal City Indicator
BLANK_02 char(6) null BLANK
BLANK_03 char(5) null BLANK
PUMA5 char(5) null Public Use Microdata Area – 5% File
BLANK_04 char(5) null BLANK
GEOID char(40) null Geographic Identifier
NAME varchar(1000) null Area Name
BTTR char(6)vnull Tribal Tract
BTBG char(1) null Tribal Block Group
BLANK_05 char(44) null BLANK

Constraint ACSSF__Geography_File_PK Primary Key (

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